Inspiration comes from funny places. Having too much time on our hands inspired my friends and I to create a fake all girl death metal band called Wake of Destruction, and subsequently coerce many people into believing it actually existed.

It’s peculiar where and when inspiration will strike you.

The inspiration for this particular little piece of the interweb comes from my leggy, sexy, snarky cousin who can be found at . We share a love of liquid lunches, judging (lest not we be judged), small sandwiches, and most importantly, a gene pool. I don’t think I’ll ever compare to her in terms of her innate ability to offend in the most hilarious ways, but god damnit, I’m going to try.

~ by Andrea on March 20, 2010.

6 Responses to “Inspiration”

  1. hahaha, I love it!!!!! Thanks for the bumps!

  2. *in her best man voice*

    I missed your wit. Not I will have a new way to /stalk /stalk you.

  3. Wow, every one is getting blogs now! Maybe I will have to. But not now, haha. Look forward to reading your stuff sista! ❤

  4. […] God damnit! I should have more closely read this list before deciding to go with it. Basically, I’ve already done that post. It’s sooooo last March. Actually it was my very first post. You can read all about it here. […]

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