Favourite Movie Scenes

I’ve been slacking off in the movie watching department these days, but over the weekend I did watch a pretty sweet flick called Zombieland. First of all, I love Woody Harrelson, secondly, I love zombie movies, and thirdly, I LOVE BILL MURRAY. I especially love the clip in which the gang reenacts a scene from Ghostbusters.

In fact, I pretty much love any movie that incorporates this kind of postmodern (post-postmodern?)….self-awareness (this isn’t the right word, but it’s late, I’m decaffeinated and full of ribs, salad and cake). I like when movies and actors can sit back and poke a little fun at themselves. It got me thinking, Zombieland isn’t in my top five all time favourite movies, but that scene certainly takes home top awards. Here’s a few more of my favourite funny movie scenes:

1. Wayne’s World: The Gun Rack

Ok, there are so many things right with this scene, I don’t know where to start. Psycho-hose beasts and slurping jelly out of a donut with a bendy straw are two just to name a couple. I can pretty much quote Wayne’s World from start to finish, so this was a tough call, seeing as how there are so many great scenes and quotes from this flick. A very close second is the Bohemian Rhapsody scene, but my previous post already covered the Muppet cover of that…I thought I’d give gun rack a fair shake.

2. Office Space: Michael Bolton The Gangsta

Again, a tough call, as the fax machine lynching, anything with Milton, or the scenes from Chatzski’s (spelling?) could have easily taken the cake. However, there is something that really rings true with this scene. Dorky white guy, completely innocent black dude, car pumping out the gangsta beats, windows rolled up slowly and car door locked. Down with whitey! No, up with whitey! Go whitebread! This scene cracks me up every time.

3. Mallrats: The Stink Palm

If I were a dude, and evil, and unhygenic…I would totally stink palm my boss.

4. The Goonies: Truffle Shuffle

This scene is literally funny because fat kids being jiggly is always a riot.
This scene is ironically funny because that fat kid is probably now infinitely cooler than Corey Feldman.

5. Uncle Buck: Five-Year Plan

I needed to have a John Candy reference on this list and it was hard to pick a favourite. The five-year plan is John Candy genius. And even if you don’t like John, you can laugh at that bitch’s amazing mullet.

Anyhoo, this list is by no means definitive. I’ve left out some of my favourite all times movies and some great scenes that could have made the list. Maybe I’ll keep the list going in some future posts.


~ by Andrea on March 25, 2010.

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  1. Ah sweet, sweet Friday

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