Amazing Discoveries!

Remember that dude from the 80s in the psychedelic sweaters every Sunday morning on the hour-long infomercial known as Amazing Discoveries? I sure do. But what can I say? I was always a morning person. This “infotainment” came on just before Small Wonder, and well, what was I going to do at 7am on a Sunday morning? Get ready for church? Shaa!

One more recent amazing discovery is the Tassimo coffee maker. Here’s the thing–I don’t even like coffee. I find drinking hot coffee akin to sticking my head in a large vice grip and turning. Don’t get me wrong, coffee flavoured stuff = deliciousness. Hot coffee of any sort = me vomiting. True story. I once worked at The Coffee Merchant when I was at Acadia and we got a new espresso machine. All the staff were trying it out and I made a mochaccino. No one could handle the fact I did not want to drink it, so they made me try it. Turns out–it tasted really good. Also turns out that shit made me lie awake jittering in my bed til 3am at which time I ran for the bathroom and hurled. Lesson learned: hot coffee (even with added chocolate) + me = spewtastic.

Ok, time for a digression.

Getting back to the Tassimo, this machine is like having Starbucks in your kitchen minus the Starbuckanese…

The Tassimo does not only make great coffee (so my coffee-drinking cohorts tell me) it makes single servings of lattes, cappuccinos, hot chocolate and IT MAKES TEA. Green tea, black tea, Earl Grey and, wait for it, CHAI LATTES! I’m still waiting for Red Rose to jump on the T-disc bandwagon.

There’s only one thing I dislike about it, and that’s the waste it produces. Again, if you know me, you know about my semi-closeted World of Warcraft addiction. You also probably know that I’m a bit of a militant recycler/composter. Tassimo should start selling refillable t-discs for various products, and then sell the contents of whatever it is you are filling it with, in bulk. I’m no coffee-maker-engineer or anything, but I’m sure something along these lines could be done. Either that, or make the T-discs recyclable at the very least. I would note, however, that these little discs are probably less wasteful than the bajillion non-recyclable cups that coffee places produce everyday, but at least in that case, the consumer has a choice in the matter by bringing a reusable cup.

Anyway, I’m still giving my props, a knuckle bump and WHAT-WHAT! to the Tassimo. You make my Saturday morning blog just that much more enjoyable.

~ by Andrea on March 27, 2010.

4 Responses to “Amazing Discoveries!”

  1. mmmm,
    having meself a Chai Tea Latte as I type!!!
    you need to try the skinny and let me know if I might like it!

  2. Really!!???

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