Things I Cannot Live Without

Happy Monday! I currently have ONE student. That’s right. One. 1. Singular. Less than two, more than zero. ONE. Annnnnnnnnnd….I’m bored.

So I’ve decided to start an on-going blog about things I can’t live without. If you’re an English Major, book-nerd, or just generaly a wordy person like I am you’ll understand that the first in this list needs to be:

1. Hyperbole.

First and foremost, let’s get the pronunciation: hi-per-bo-lee.

Not hyper-bowl.

Now, the what: it is a literary device in which statements are exaggerated, but the meaning is understood.

If this weren’t first on the list, I think I’d have to change the name of this post to, “Things I like and could live without, but don’t really want to live without”. See how nicely hyperbole works in here?

Other hyperbole in my regular everyday conversations:
-I hate my life. ( I don’t really, but sometimes shit frustrates the bejesus out of me)
-I will kill you. (Again, not likely to happen, but don’t tempt me)
-That woman I work with is as stupid is a goat’s ass. (Actually, now that I think about it, this might not be hyperbole…)
-I’m just going to stay home and lick the cat’s butt. (Token Wayne’s World quote)

Is it Friday yet? Get me the hell out of this place, or bring me some students!!!

~ by Andrea on March 29, 2010.

6 Responses to “Things I Cannot Live Without”

  1. Love your stuff! My family is chock full of teachers – and I can’t believe the crap they have to put up with – God bless ’em!

    I have my own personal hyperbole: tomorrow’s meeting will go on forever!

  2. Oooh Andrea, I am the queen of hi-per-bo-lee! And yes, I did pronounce it hyper-bowl when I first read it, go figure! My friends made fun of me, on how much I exaggerate. They do it at least a million times per day….

  3. I cannot live without hi-per-bo-lee!! I mean who doesn’t love exaggerating just a tiny bit? It makes everything 28527847529 million times better!

    My personal favorite? She/He/It makes me want to punch babies.

    BTW I love your blog to death! Thanks for reading mine 🙂

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