Scheisser Auflauf

Yesterday my work day was a complete and utter waste of time and gas money. My boss decided it was “unnecessary” for me to attend some outside meetings with my ONE student and her youth worker. I’ve been working really closely with this kid, like this kid a lot and she likes me. She was nervous about moving to a group home and living in a totally different part of the province. She asked me to go with her for god’s sake. Aren’t we supposed to be all about building connections, relationships and rapport?

Guess not.

My boss figured I would be better off driving into work (1 hour, 10 min each way) and not having any classes. I even tried to look for other classes I could sneak in on or squeeze in, but the other units had very programming intensive days and shit all could be done. So, I did my 1/2 hour of marking. Finished some prep work. Did the things I would normally complete during my normal prep periods. And by 10am, I was out of things to do.

Let’s see, I checked out some blogs, updated my twitter and facebook incessantly, got some groceries over my lunch break, and spent most of my time looking up recipes. These recipes, which turned out to be delicious!

I found a great, easy recipe for tzatziki. Previous attempts at making it turned out too watery, funny tasting or just plain yucky. This little gem turned out garlicky, pungent and delicious!!! After doing the taste taste, I was looking around for my recipe book where I write down all the deliciousness that I crank outta my kitchen. I flipped it open, and somewhere in the back pages some red ink stuck out at me. I flipped back to find:

Scheisse Auflauf (from a dear friend, and dated Feb. 26, 2004) For those of you who aren’t German, this translates into Shit Casserole.

Directions as follows:
-Preheat oven at 350
-Scoop 4 cups schessier into casserole dish
-Bake 45 minutes
-Serve warm
-Makes four servings
-Best served with Chianti
-Add optional feta cheese for last five minutes of baking (helps crispify)

I thought this recipe summed up my day quite nicely! And it made me laugh because I totally forgot that she’d written her “recipe” in my book six freaking years ago!! I forget the exact story behind the scheisser auflauf, except that I think she originally thought it meant “shit cake”…either way…

Shit cake or shit casserole sums up how awesome my day was yesterday.


~ by Andrea on April 1, 2010.

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