Red Red Wine

Why does a glass of wine taste better at lunch time on a Thursday than it does on a Saturday night? How is it that taking a two hour lunch when you’re supposed to be working make the food seem more gourmet, a little less fattening and a whole lot more fun? Even when that glass of red is the house brand that you know came from a box, drinking it when you’re not supposed to be drinking transforms it into the classiest glass of red you’ve ever heard of.

The Germans came up with schadenfreude, but did they come up with a word to describe the intense satisfaction you get from mid-week drinks? That feeling of well-being when you’re getting paid to lie about being sick?

With a little help from Google Translator, I’ve come up with my very own German word to describe just such a feeling.

Saufenfreude-sloppily defined as the joy you get from drinking booze…when you’re not supposed to.

The only thing that can ruin a good case of Saufenfreude is not having a jesus digital camera with you as you walk downtown and you see a perfectly normal looking middle-aged lady pushing a cat around in a child’s stroller. That really gets my goat.

Here’s a(n) reasonable unreasonable facsimile, although the original would have been way, way, WAY better.

Just say NO to walking your cat

~ by Andrea on April 2, 2010.

3 Responses to “Red Red Wine”

  1. Sometimes I change it up by taking the wine out of the box, and then I call it “bag wine.” Great new word and great pic!

  2. AH! The “space bag” or “mylar baloon” bag…I have an aunt that works for a winery and all the university and college kids in the family never left that woman’s house without a good old spacebag under our arms.

  3. Yesterday’s lunch was fantastic!!!

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