Things I Cannot Live Without Part 4


I can’t live without good music.

My musical tastes have changed, morphed and come back around full circle, in some cases, since my early teen years. One thing has remained constant though, and that is that I love my music. What my music is has in some ways changed a lot over the years, and in some ways stayed exactly the same.

I still remember the confused looks from some of the girls in my class when I showed up wearing a Smashing Pumpkins t-shirt in grade six. I tried to make them mix tapes with Nirvana and Green Day. In vain, there I was, my twelve year old self, trying to make people understand why Billy Corgan’s nasal voice was actually good. Why Billy Joe’s three chords were a masterpiece. Why heroin was so awesome! (Ok, maybe not…) It was a time of transition in my musical tastes, previously dominated by Paula Abdul, NKOTB, Rod Stewart (my mom’s “in the car” tape, ok??!!) and Wilson Phillips. Let it be known that I can still belt out an amazing rendition of Hold On.

WIlson Phillips

I was Carnie...

Throughout high school and into university my tastes meandered through many a musical genre. Classic rock, alternative, stoner rock, prog-rock, rap, techno (gasp!), punk, indie, and even the odd country tune, although though for many years I may have denied it. Many of my favourite memories involve music. My first big outdoor rock concert was on Citadel Hill with Foo Fighters, A Perfect Circle, and Smashing Pumpkins. My first road trip in my first car was a blurry four day trip to Toronto and then Ottawa to see Tool with my boys. Overnight trips to Montreal to visit good friends and check out the Weakerthans, Against Me! and Strung-Out were customary when I lived in Toronto. The summer I lived in New York involved many, many lonely yet amazing nights in NYC at the Knitting Factory, the Bowery Ballroom and I was even lucky enough to nearly get the shit kicked out of me at CBGB’s.

These days I’ve toned down my music snobbery to a minimum. There are, however a few things that I just can’t let go of though. I know I shouldn’t care, and these types of things probably give me ulcers, but seriously people, if you’re going to assault my ears with less-than-stellar tunes, please keep the following to a minimum:

1. The Vocoder/Auto-tune/Robot Voice Machine: Whatever the hell you want to call it. If you ever want something entertaining to watch, lock me in a room and turn on some of this “music”. In less than fifteen minutes I will have clawed my own ears off the sides of my head. I bet that would be a popular Youtube video.

2. Kill-Me-Now-Country: For many years I would rather eat glass than admit to liking any country music, and the truth was, I just never listened to any of it because of how painfully uncool it is seemed. It still is not my favourite genre, but I have to admit, I don’t hate it all. I do, on the other hand, hate the overly patriotic, bury me with an American flag on my grave, take care of my dog when I’m dead, bible thumping, my wife’s a cheatin’ whore brand of country. Take some anti-depressants and stop bringing me down, MAAAAN. Especially this guy. Fuck you Trace Adkins.

3. Any song accompanied by a dance craze: I don’t care if it’s the chicken dance, the macarena or the electric or cha cha slides. Please, stop playing these songs at weddings when I’m actually drunk enough to dance to them and be photographed. That’s just wrong. I will, however, let most movie dance scenes off, especially Pee Wee Herman’s Tequila Dance. You know, Pee Wee’s been through enough already.

Ah, Pee Wee.

Anyway, for you musicphiles out there: a small random sample from my iPod, in no particular order:
10. Against Me!- Turn Those Clapping Hands Into Angry Balled Fists
9. The Black Keys-Strange Times
8.Incubus-You Will Be a Hot Dancer
7. Clap Your Hands Say Yeah-Skin of My Yellow Country Teeth
6. The Kills-Tape Song
5. Deftones-Bored
4. Buck 65- Pants on Fire
3. Tapes-n-Tapes-Conquest
2. Sufjan Stevens-Casimir Pulaski Day
1. Kyuss-Demon Cleaner


~ by Andrea on April 19, 2010.

2 Responses to “Things I Cannot Live Without Part 4”

  1. I never knew that we had such similar early childhood musical tastes. Paula Abdul and Wilson Phillips were my absolute faves! I also just listened to your 10 songs, #10 being the best of course.

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