More About Guns

Seeing as how one of the biggest search terms that leads people to my site is “Charlton Heston gun room”, I figured, hey! Why not add some more topical banter about guns! GUNS!

Up here in the Great White North, we have something known as The Law. Typically we follow The Law and we keep ourselves out of places like My Work. My Work is a jail where young people go when they don’t follow The Law.

Now, not to be a hypocrite, as I have done things that have broken The Law on rare occasion. Things like shooting guns at cans. This was wrong. I was being a bad girl, but I was being a bad girl who was being supervised by a knowledgeable gun person and we were in the middle of no where, not say, in a club with guns. Or a shopping mall with guns. We were in an abandoned clearing in the forest about 30 km away from any kind of civilization. Also, I feel that the guilty-scared feeling I felt the whole time I was breaking The Law should be considered when doling out my punishment.

Down in a little place called Arizona, The Law has become quite interesting. There’s been lots of talk about The New Law which states anyone can be questioned for identification proving their citizenship (Nazi Germany, anyone? Anyone?). However, I’m not talking about That New Law.

I’m talking about The New Law that allows people twenty-one and older to carry concealed weapons without a permit or any kind of training.

My favourite thing about this New Law is that “twenty-one and older” part. I like to think back to how amazingly sensible and mature I was at 21 years of age. I was just a bastion of good decision making, knowledge and safety. I’m sure everyone, at the ripe old age of 21, makes incredibly sound and smart decisions. I think it’s a great idea that these newly legal, smart people, can now carry their hidden automatic weapons into the local wateringhole where I’m sure they’ll continue to make intelligent and reasonable choices. They could also take their newly hidden and legal automatic weapons to schools, malls or offices.

Call me a socialist, communist Canadian, but I thought Yosemite was in California...

I’m not naive. I know there are morons that carry concealed weapons without permits as it is. I kind of get America’s fascination with “the right to bear arms”…kind of. But not really. I won’t pretend like I’m some kind of expert because I’m truly ignorant of the subject. On the surface, I just don’t get it. Plain and simple.

What I do get, is that after accidents, homicides are the number two cause of death in youth aged 15 to 24 years of age in America. Seems like a good time to let them not only possess weapons, but conceal them as well, don’t you think?


~ by Andrea on May 3, 2010.

7 Responses to “More About Guns”

  1. That is a neat video–I used it as well for a post.

  2. You’re going to be sorry the next time a vicious coyote attacks you and you don’t have a firearm handy.

  3. I would like to see how well that kid walked down the hallway with all those guns in his pants. Or sit down for that matter. I say this of course after going to a gated all-girls high school where this was not a concern but I transferred there from a middle school where kids were doing coke in the bathrooms and I knew more than a few kids with track lines. The rivalry with another school often led to threats of retribution and rumors of kids bringing guns to protect themselves but you can bet your ass I wasn’t anywhere that I would see it. I’ll take my fancy pants all girl school any day. Even if I never did wear the right kind of shoes.

  4. While Arizona’s new laws are bad news all ’round, at least it makes my current state of Texas able to bow out of the spotlight of craziness for a while, right?

    …someone beat me to the punch with that Rick Perry link. Looks like he’s feeling antsy about not being center-stage.

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