Scrabble Wars-The New Edition

About a month ago, I became quite perturbed when I heard about the big changes coming to Scrabble. That’s right. I give a shit about the rules of the game Scrabble. It was all over the news, afterall. Didn’t you notice?

Well, if you didn’t, I did. Officially, Scrabble words cannot be slang (unless approved) or proper nouns . For you non-nerds out there (do non-nerds even read my blog?) that means no names of anything-people, places, companies, etc. Words had to be regular words found in the official Scrabble Dictionary to be counted for points. And yes, I have the official Scrabble Dictionary. Actually, that’s a lie, but if anyone wants to get me a birthday present…

So, the uproar (Rar!) in the Scrabble community was that they were changing the rules to allow proper nouns! I know, right!? WTF? As it turns out, only the British version of Scrabble is actually changing the rules in their next edition. I’m not quite sure how the British version of Scrabble differs from the American. Possibly there are more U’s in the letter selection, and if this is the case, I would also like for my birthday, the British version of Scrabble. Anyone who buys me things becomes my favourite. With a “u”. However, if they include bad teeth with the letters, I’ll stick with the American version. Yes, I just made a British teeth joke. Har-har.

After much contemplation, as well as half a box of wine, I’ve decided I actually don’t give a shit about the new rules. Why the change of heart? Well it all happened at my three year old niece’s birthday after-party. That’s how we roll in my family. A few of us stuck around and did some drinking, some hockey watching and then decided to play Scrabble. What started off innocently enough (it was, after all, my niece’s birthday for God’s sake) turned into….

Drunken Scrabble escapades...

In case you can’t quite read the board, I’ll inform you that the words include: quif, jiz, zup,and honkersnot. Poor spelling aside, it was probably the most fun game of Scrabble I’ve ever partaken in. The decision to allow “honkersnot” was a tough one. The original “honk” turned to “honkers” and then the “not” was added, covering not one, but two triple word scores. We just went to town on making our own rules and unanimously decided that only one triple word score would be awarded, due to the fact the word honkersnot is, in fact, awesome, but very much not a word. Unlike quif and jiz. As a side note, the word “spray” was really close to the word “jiz”. Interesting.

Good times were had by all.

And I won!


~ by Andrea on May 5, 2010.

2 Responses to “Scrabble Wars-The New Edition”

  1. Honkersnots….bahahaha, I rule!

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