Blog on, You Crazy Bloggers Blog

Well, grab my bossism and call me Gladys!

Someone’s done given me a little old award of sorts!

FOR ME!?!?

A very nice thank you to Thoughts Appear who bestowed this lovely little .jpg upon my blog.

Maybe I should get into the business of creating Blog Awards…seems easy enough. I could come up with all sorts of awards you could trade with your friends!

Let’s see, first I would award myself the following self-explanitory honour:

Actually, this probably isn't going to help the problem, eh?

Next, an award for people with horrid spelling and grammar. None of us are above the odd typo, but iF u’s LikEzzzz to TalK liKeZ tHi3…please have this award:

F is for FAIL.

But, in all seriousness-it’s really awesome that someone passed this on to me. The deal is that if you get the award, you then list seven fun facts about yourself and pass the award on to more bloggers. So, here goes!

1. I can burp louder than most people I know. My mom says I get it from my dad. I say I get it from gas.
2. I am absolutely in love with Bud Light Lime. This is blasphemous since I’m A) Canadian B) Not American. However, that stuff tastes like heaven and I am totally looking forward to patio season and many, many Bud Light Limes, y’all.
3. If I had to, I could live off of breakfast food for the rest of my life.
4. I aspire to make my nanny’s homemade bread. I’ve tried numerous times, and I’m getting the hang of it, but it’s never quite right.
5. I steal pens.
6. I secretly desire to choreograph a dance routine to The Ting Ting’s song Not My Name.
7. My hubby, family and cat mean the world to me. I LOVE YOUS GUYS!

Ok, now I have to pass it on to some bloggers…
Nice Shoes Bitch
Momma’s the Word
Wandering Be
TE Stazyk
Oh Dammit (who needs to blog MORE!!!)
Livvy Jams
Hyperbole and a Half
My Masonic Apron
The Mercurial Wife
Paris a la Mode

Phew. I think that’s all…I hope I didn’t miss anyone I usually check out.
Ch-ch-check them out!


~ by Andrea on May 18, 2010.

11 Responses to “Blog on, You Crazy Bloggers Blog”

  1. Oh em geeeee! Thanks 🙂

    On a completely unrelated note… I too am talented in the belching arena. My parents are so proud. And by proud I mean completely disgusted that their first born (who is now a 23 year old woman) is actually a 16 year old man child.

  2. Glad I made the bottom of your list. Love you too!

  3. This is awesomeballs! I’m taking the Donkey Porn award, okay? THANK YOU!!!!

  4. Oh my! I never visited your blog before. Saw the link on Just B.’s blog and thought of clicking it! And then surprise! I got an award!! Thank you so much!!!! You got a new follower for sure! ;p

  5. Finally some recognition. I’ve been at this for a good two month now, and frankly it’s about time someone recognized my meaningful contribution to society.

  6. Wow–thanks! Sushi’s on me next time.

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