All Denim Outfits

My brain feels calm, squishy and a little under-productive today. To keep my creative juices (cliché, anyone?) flowing, I keep notes, lists and sticky notes about random things I want to write about, but tonight, nothing on that list is making me happy. So, for today’s post, here are a few random things that do make me happy:

1. Having a witty remark ready and waiting when people say stupid things to you: Tonight, my Uncle declined my dinner invitation, so instead of making and eating six servings of homemade macaroni and cheese, I opted for some take-out. I made a deal with myself that I would at least walk the 10 minutes there (up hill!) and 10 minutes back (if my grandmother were telling this story, she’d be going up hill both ways…) so that I could indulge in a chicken sandwich and some yummy in my tummy taters.

All denim, all the time.

Today was rather chilly compared to the balmy weather we have been experiencing, so I left my work pants on (black Volcoms), my work hoody (black no-name) and since the sky looked ominous and grey, I grabbed my new black jacket (that has since replaced the still missing red jacket. Sad face.) As I’m walking down the street, a tipsy looking man (regulation drunk, Fairview-style: it’s assumed that people you meet walking around my neighbourhood are some kind of fucked up) stopped in front of me, staggered a bit and said,

“Hey sweety. You got all black on. You depressed ‘er what?”

To which I replied, “Hey sweaty. You got all denim on. Are you Jay Leno?”

Ok, so in hindsight, it wasn’t that funny. But it was better than my standard look of disgust followed by, “Fuck off”.

2. Burping politicians’ names:

"Pull my finger" "But I thought this was a burping contest!"

Barak Obama has the best burpable name of any politician. Ralph Nader is a close second and Pierre Elliot Trudeau is a feat of epic proportions. As usual, Steven Harper is a douche bag and his name burpability sucks as bad as he does at the rest of life. Can that man do anything right?!

3. : Today a Sweet friend of mine (from some for-serious on-line nerdy fun playing WoW) introduced me to Stumble-Upon. It’s an easy add-on (or you can just use the webpage) that shows you random awesomeness from the internet, organized in a variety of categories. Finally, I’ll be able to hunt down all the top-rated cute cat videos easily!! I’m being serious. I already found this one:

I’m not sure why it’s even cute, but it FUCKING IS!!!!

Also I stumbled upon (I LOVE IT!) (I’m a nerd, SHIT!) this punny (NERD!) little conversation.

And who isn’t in love withBack to the Future Trivia?…not me, that’s for sure.

4. Using parenthesis: Ok, so I’m just adding this one in because I seem to have overindulged in the bracketeering (OH MY GOD, I’m comic gold tonight) business. I promise to cut back in future posts. (Maybe…)


~ by Andrea on May 27, 2010.

6 Responses to “All Denim Outfits”

  1. Hey, where’d you get the Canadian tuxedo?

  2. I’m sad to say my father rocks the all denim look. He’s even sent denim shirts to my little brother as birthday presents. I’ve yet to see my brother wear them but I may have to convince him that this is the year to go as Jay Leno for Halloween. After all, not everybody can be ninjas and pirates like me, Dingas and the Twingases will be.

  3. Oh Stumble Upon… BEST APP EVER. 🙂

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