I’ll Be Your Sommelier For the Evening

After my initial cruddy start to the day on Friday, I ended up having a pretty decent afternoon:

1. I only had to drive half the distance I normally drive to work. We had a staff meeting with the other corrections teachers and it wasn’t at the facility.
2. I found out about a really nice new restaurant in a town where I thought KFC reigned supreme. Cocoa Pesto is a really nice little bistro/inn in Windsor, NS.
3. The teachers all bought me lunch as a little good-bye token.
4. At this lunch, another teacher and I decided to split a half litre of wine. I told her I wasn’t picky, and she proceeded to ask the wait staff questions about boldness and fruitiness and oakiness of the red wine selections. Once the wines were explained she looked at me like I should have some sort of input. My answer was “I drink wine out of a box.
5. I attended my last staff meeting. Well, my last staff meeting for now. Until I find new work. Unless I remain unemployed. If that’s the case, I’ll probably arrange for my cat to hang out with me (if I bring Wiskahs Temptations Cat Treats, she’s a shoe-in to be there) and have imaginary staff meetings of my new holdings company Poor and Happy Inc.

Functional. I like functional.

Fridays always come out on top.


~ by Andrea on June 7, 2010.

2 Responses to “I’ll Be Your Sommelier For the Evening”

  1. Poor and Happy… Definitely better than Rich and Terribly miserable. Right? Sweet Lord I sure hope so….

    Wine out of a box? Love. Love. And, oh wait, love.

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