Olympic Gold Medal Sleeping

Please excuse the lateness of my post today. Normally, I’m the kind of blogger who blogs the night before to make a post for the next day. Sometimes, if something strikes my fancy, I might post two a day. That is, except when I’m partaking in on of my other favourite activities.

I am, in fact, a world-class sleeper. I think it’s genetic. I come from a long line of sleepyheads, with my dad being number one. Last night I got home after a long drive, made longer by a shitty phone call, nuked some leftovers, got into my pjs, popped some 30 Rock on my computer, and curled up in bed with my three-day old homemade mac-n-cheese. I made it through two episodes and the whole bowl. And at approximately 6:30 pm, I was asleep.

You may not have caught my event during the Winter Games...

Normally, I wake through the night to pee or get a drink at least once. Not last night. I was out for the count, and that count was twelve full hours of sleep. Hence, no early blog posting for me!

Many people would speculate that this lengthy bit of sleeping would impede my ability to sleep well tonight. Guess again, suckers. I’ll be snug as a bug around 9:30pm and I’ll doze just fine, thank you. If there is one thing I can do well, sleeping it is. I will, however, attempt to write what I had intended to last night before falling into my nightly coma.


~ by Andrea on June 8, 2010.

One Response to “Olympic Gold Medal Sleeping”

  1. 12 hours? That’s amazing! I seem to top out at 9…and I get up to pee twice.

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