Counterproductive FTW

So, I weighed myself at work today, and after about a month, I’ve lost nearly 5 pounds! GO ME! I didn’t really have to change too much. I started buying salads more (I actually love salad, but hate making them so I’ve been getting the pre-mades), eating less garbage (aka a whole box of KD for lunch followed a power nap in my car) and I’ve been walking probably 3-4 times per week. So in honor of dropping a few pounds, I bought myself a lovely treat on my way home from work today.

Tomorrow my post will be about the five pounds I just gained...

I’m not huge on french fries. I rarely ever get cravings for them, and usually they only get eaten when they come with something I am craving-like Brazier Burgs from DQ. However, today I needed to eat curly fries from Arby’s. I behaved myself, ate a decent breakfast, a respectable lunch, went for a walk and fuck you flabbiness, I’m eating fries. Curly. Seasoned. Delicious.

Today I also managed to get some real work done (aka the stuff I get paid for) and made some progress for some of my ladies. For some reason the estrogen was just POURING out of these poor little criminal chickies and it was a sob-fest in 4B today. Hell, I even got misty-eyed. Damn you empathy!!! So, to get my mind out of the pity party that was taking place on the unit, I excused myself with a cup of tea and actually got my resume AND cover letter finished. Well, not finished. I was going cross-eyed looking for typos, and correcting my own work is never easy. I sent it off to a few friends for perusal and critique and hopefully it will be landing at the school board next week.

I also noticed my job was posted today on Career Beacon. I’m happy to be moving, but it’s still hard to leave. I like my job, most days anyway, and it’s secure with a pension and blah blah blah. But then one of the girls pointed out that a boy had written, in New Moon no less, “Ms. Mac is so f’ing hot,” which skeezed me out a lot because I think I recognized the hand writing and…CREEP-O-LA. Plus, it was in a Twilight book? Come on you little creep, if you want to get to me*, write in a book that’s a step up from toilet paper**. I thought about doing an investigation, but seriously, I really don’t need the whole institution involved, and realistically, it could have been written by anyone. Thankfully it was written in pencil for easy erasing from the book. Now, if only I had a memory eraser…

I want to go to there...

*Obvious sarcasm. Making a note so I don’t end up with criminal charges.
**Actually I read the Twilight series and it was mediocre. The books were decently written but the thinly veiled pro-abstinence, aka pro-Mormon, values got to me. What can I say, I’m a realist. I will also admit I enjoyed the books more before the movies came out. Not only are they fucking horrible, that fucking cro-magnon-headed ugly shit ball that plays Edward is nasty. Just nasty. I don’t get it.


~ by Andrea on June 10, 2010.

5 Responses to “Counterproductive FTW”

  1. Good God, I love curly fries!!!!

  2. You should read the true blood series. It’ll take you five minutes and there’s way more sex!

  3. O.M.G. I had forgotten about curly fries! Now I want some :*( (I live in Japan so getting some is impossible) Very true about cromagnon head. I agree, so not hot.

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