Friday Brain Farts

Oooh, man I love when people make dinner for me! My dear cousin whipped up a batch of some SWEET JESUS delicious curry. I’m still in heaven and I ate it last night.

Anyway, today is Friday. I still feel full. I’ve been burping since last night and between my cousin and I, we sound like two kids playing their tubas for the first time. Classy? Yes. Attractive? You better believe it.

Regardless, I have close to ZERO mental activity swirling around in my head, so instead of witty insight, today you get to meet Foxy Brown. The Youth Facility’s newist inhabitant, and for once, this little fella just doesn’t want to leave.

Foxy Brown the Waterville Stowaway


~ by Andrea on June 11, 2010.

6 Responses to “Friday Brain Farts”

  1. Very Cute!

    • I’m glad I got that shot–they caught him today and they’re taking him to a fox rehab!! He gets to go learn not to live off smuggled french fries and apple cores!!!

  2. Happy Friday to you! ;p

  3. I’m reheating the curry tonight if you want to come over. It will make for a fantastic car drive tomorrow!

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