Saturday Morning Breakfast Review

If I had to choose one meal to eat for the rest of my life it would be breakfast.

I’ve had a love affair with breakfast ever since I was a wee lil’ tyke. When I was about three feet tall and maybe five years old, my dad taught me how to fry an egg. From that point on, there was absolutely no turning back. I have distinct memories of me as a child, waking up when it was still dark out, going downstairs to the kitchen, dragging a chair over to the stove and whipping myself up a delicious breakfast of fried eggs, yolks broken, hold the salt and pepper. To this day, that’s how I still eat them.

The versatility of breakfast keeps me in love. Eggs alone can be scrambled, poached, boiled or fried. Throw in veggie omelettes, steak-n-eggs, quiche or a western sandwich and you’d never eat the same meal twice. Bagels come in, oh, what? Three thousand different varieties or so, and you can top them with any and everything. My personal favourite being a cheddar and herb bagel, toasted and topped with a little mayo, more cheddar cheese and fresh tomato. There’s really no food group that’s safe from my devour-power at breakfast. A fresh fruit mountain on top of a waffle or banana pancakes can satisfy the need for produce. Cereal, yogurt or cottage cheese with berries and a splash of maple syrup…speaking of maple, I do have to award one food as top dog in this post. The one food, that well, is probably killing me slowly, but I don’t care. This pig-product is the food of the GODS:

Bow down, you lowly wenches!

In the words of Homer, “Mmmmmm…..maple bacon…” Of course, when something is so delicious, it’s bound to cause other people to want a little piece of pie. A proverbial kick at the can, if you will. Here’s a few maple bacon inspired knock-offs:

Because maple bacon in non-sucker form just doesn't last long enough!

My first thought-how's that going to taste coming back up?

As Canadian as a maple doughnut...sprinkled with bacon.


~ by Andrea on June 12, 2010.

5 Responses to “Saturday Morning Breakfast Review”

  1. Bacon is the food of gods. It even cures hangovers!

  2. I second the ‘Mmmmmmm… maple bacon!’

  3. Now I have a reason to return to the northern hemisphere!

    BTW, interesting search term of the day: “Leg paintings”

  4. I get excited whenever Jon Stewart does a fake endorsement of “Baconnaise.” Probably because I’m American or something 🙂

    NB: I would never try it and would probably hate it if I did… but you know us Americans…

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