Reason 942 I Love My Job

Although my current position is soon coming to an end (although I get paid all summer to do NOTHING, bitches!) I’m fully looking forward to teaching for the rest of my foreseeable life. Until I’m old, grey, and just standing around taking up oxygen, I’m pretty sure that I’ll love teaching high school (sudden, spectacular wealthiness withstanding). Small children and I don’t mix nearly as well as I mix with teens. That might sound creepy if taken out of context, but truly, they’re wonderful, albeit strange and often stinky creatures.

I fancy myself more female, less musical Ned Schneebly/Dewey Finn...

Today was one of the girl’s birthdays. She turned 18 and she’s in jail for another month. This is it. She’s an adult now and after this trip to Camp Waterville, she’ll be checking out the big house should she screw up. But you know what? This little chicky poo was so happy today. She was excited beyond belief. Part of her excitement was that her first day pass with staff takes place tomorrow. She wrote me a note detailing the entire three hours she gets to be outside the facility. Her day includes a twelve inch sub (with cookies and pop) from Subway, a trip to the dollar store, and the purchase of an overnight bag, “Because, Ms, I don’t want to leave here with my clothes in a garbage bag again.” She’s too god damned cute. You know, for a kid in jail. I don’t even make the kids call me Ms. or Mrs. Anything…they can use my first name and she still calls me Ms.

However, that little note wasn’t the highlight of our conversation.

Quote of the day below. I wish I could give her props like she deserves for this one, but that damned Youth Criminal Justice Act and its protection of privacy….yada, yada…

“OH MY GOD, MS! I just realized the best thing about turning 18!!! I can buy fireworks all by myself now!”

Do you know how happy I am that she’s excited about doing something LEGAL? My work here is DONE.

100% legally purchased by an 18 year old girl

~ by Andrea on June 15, 2010.

6 Responses to “Reason 942 I Love My Job”

  1. I love teaching high schoolers, too! However I fear teaching them in Canada (even the non-jailed kind) as my Japanese students are so innocent and obedient. They have pot leaves on their pencil cases, but have no idea what it is! Elementary school just seems sticky, stinky and involves to many leg hugs and rhyming games.

  2. Can I look up to and emulate you too? You’re kinda pretty.

  3. “Actually, it’s pronounced Sneeblaaaay.”

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