Saturday Morning Useless Review


Realistically, I could just leave those three words and my entire life would be summed up nicely.

From a technically standpoint, this is a blog so I guess I could explain.

Moving fucking sucks. How prolific is that? I hate everything about moving, except for the part about finally getting to my destination and being settled in, and that’s probably not going to happen for another god damned month.

I can’t even keep the crappy things that have happened in the past couple of weeks in order, so, just to name a few, let’s start a list:

-A rock went through my windshield and nearly shattered it. This has nothing to do with moving, but it seems this sort of thing only happens when you’re already feeling stressed about moving. The best part is my insurance offered me a $400 deductible, even though the window and installation came to just over $330.

I hate you.

-The movers got spread out into two days, even though they forgot to mention that part until pretty recently. Seeing as how teachers are A LITTLE busy this time of year, I had to get my mom to come give me a hand. Thank god for moms!!!

-They couldn’t get my barbeque off the back deck. Apparently movers don’t bring tools with them to move people’s belongings. I think they also may have broken, or at least severely displaced the sliding glass door in their attempts. I’ve sent an angry email but received the “not our problem, sorry” reply.

-I had a basket full of underwear and lady things packed and topped off with shirts and jeans and regular clothing. My assumption was that it was packed, and would not be unpacked. Guess again. Some dude used my skivvies to top off other boxes. I hope he enjoyed the show.

Hope you enjoyed the granny panties!

-I tried to have my mail forwarded, but apparently I didn’t give them enough information to identify me. My name, number, email, drivers license, social insurance number, address and Visa number are apparently of no use to these people.

-I tried to rent a car. When I checked the price it said a one-way rental from Toronto Airport to Windsor would be $130. Nice. Finally a break! Yeah, fucking, right. When you finally go to enter your credit card to book it, they casually mention the $300 in extra fees you have to pay. I’m not exaggerating. I tried another rental place and the grand total came to $1500.

Apparently this is the car I tried to rent.

-I tried to call Nova Scotia Power to have my power shut off. Their phone has been busy for 2 days. I’ve called about 6-8 times per day. They apparently have one line and dial up internet at their office, and someone is busy trying to beat their high score in Text Twist.

-The movers gave me a window of “June 29 to July 5” as a drop off date. Glad to know they have any idea of when my belongings are going to arrive.

I don’t remember ever feeling so cruddy, so emotional or so aggravated over, well, just about anything. I think I’m dehydrated from crying over stupid things. I really hope the rest of this move goes more smoothly. I still don’t know how I’m going to transport myself and a cat from the airport to my new home. I don’t know when my stuff is going to get there. I really want this stupid move to be over with.

I also really think I need a breakfast Casear.

Et tu Brute?

~ by Andrea on June 26, 2010.

6 Responses to “Saturday Morning Useless Review”

  1. I’m going to make everything better with draft beer and breakfast sandwiches tonight!

  2. I love you girl. I would gladly make you a Casear even though I think they are the nastiest thing on he planet. I’ll have mine bloody and merry, just like me. I hate when you are upset. It makes me cry with you. Come to Mamma, baby…let me tell you a story and give you some booze to make it better.

  3. No fun! I hope things turn around this coming week!

  4. I used to love moving but now, I hate it. I understand your pain. Just think about the new place and how in a couple of months this nightmare will be over…*hugs*

  5. I feel for ya. That’s why I’m glad my recent move was only like 2 miles, but even that was a headache. Just keep thinking about that sense of satisfaction that you’ll get when everything is settled in.


    This will make you feel better i promise 🙂

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