Farewell to Nova Scotia

Well the day is almost nigh. On Wednesday I’ll be packing up the kitty and we’ll be off to Ontario once again. A week at my parents’ has been relaxing, lazy and full of beer, Pictou County Pizza days in the sunshine and some tears of course.

There are many things I’m going to miss about my dear ol’ Nova Scotia. My family for one thing, but also the ocean, my friends and my old job. Certain things I won’t miss, such as really shitty, slow drivers and the 15% tax on goods and services.

Today I realized that there is another, albeit less obvious thing I will miss about my home province.

Scotsburn Dairy.



Milk products.


Trippy flavours for trippy fun.

I don’t know what it is, but god damn it they make the best tasting milk and have the sweetest ice cream I’ve ever had. Don’t get me wrong, fancy places like Cold Stone Creamery are wonderful. Haagen daz is devine. But for your regular, reasonably priced, grocery store variety of ice cream, Scotsburn is King Shit in my books.

Old lady tested, motha fucka approved!

I spent today hanging out with my mom and my sister and we decided on a post-lunch, mid-afternoon trip to the Masstown Market where we partook in some savouring of Scotsburn’s finest. I’m not sure it’s made anywhere else, but let me tell you a little something. Moonmist icecream is the perfect treat for a hot day. It’s psychedelic colours and vaguely familiar, but can’t quite place it flavour make me happy to be alive. I actually did some googling and found out that flavour is banana, grape and bubble gum flavours. Eating it is like revisiting to your five year old self after a long day of building sand castles at the beach.

On the opposite end of the age spectrum, another favourite of mine is Grapenut ice cream. I’m not joking, nor am I an old lady who crochets in her spare time. Nope, I just really like Grapenuts in ice cream. Since I’ve actually never really been sure what the hell they are, I checked it out on Wikipedia, and for your own curiosity, the ice cream contains neither grapes nor nuts of any kind. It has crunchy little cereal pieces that look like grape seeds, or as you may have pieced together, grape “nuts”.

Yeah, you love my nuts.

And now for your listening and viewing pleasure:


~ by Andrea on July 5, 2010.

8 Responses to “Farewell to Nova Scotia”

  1. Single tear.

  2. omg,, I love this blog, this was me for the past month! (well, you shit list was a lot longer than mine, but still… I HATE moving.).! Anyway, love the tribute to NS, makes me miss home :(. Hope you get settled in to your new home soon. Bobbie Lee

  3. Jesus H Christ. Making me cry at toy story, making me cry when on Sunday when we said good bye and now I’m all upset at work.

    • OH MY GOD! Just move to Ontario and we can still hang out! And I didn’t make you cry at Toy Story. That fucking Andy and his stupid toys made you do that! Sunday you probably only cried because I stepped on your foot when we hugged, awkwardly!

  4. All the best! Does this mean you have to change the name of your blog??

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