I Got Wood

I like a lot of things about food trucks. However, there’s something else that I can’t help but love. From the moment I saw them, I was enamoured:

Fork me!

My heart beats for these little wooden guys. Nothing says awesome like wooden cutlery. They own plastic like it’s nobody’s business. If I had to wager a guess, I would have to assume that my pleasure centre fires up over these wooden forks because they also remind me of little wooden spoons. Then, this of course begs the question, why the hell do you love little wooden spoons so much?

I heart spooning

Well kids, come sit on grandma’s knee and let me tell you why I love wooden cutlery.

Back when I was a kid, the pulp mill my dad worked for was awesome. Well, they were awesome minus that pollution and killing the forest stuff, but shit, when you’re six you don’t think of that. They were awesome because they had The Scott Paper Picnic and The Scott Paper Christmas Party. As a child, these two days of the year were like winning the lottery.

The Christmas Party was hot dogs, burgers, cookies, cakes, games and presents. Santa Claus came every year and he’d give every kid there a pretty sweet present and a giant stocking full of awesomeness. These weren’t crappy presents either. These were super fun presents and wicked candy treats. It was a day of being hopped up on sugar and running around a high school gymnasium and cafeteria with a bunch of friends and a present at the end.

The Picnic, held every year on Canada Day was the cream of the crop though. I still remember my old gym teacher leading all the events of the day. The three legged races, the sprints, the wheelbarrow races, the egg toss (at which someone cheated–or tried to cheat–on every single year) and all manner of other races split up by gender and age. Even if you didn’t place in the top three (for which you got a SWEET summer toy) you still got a chocolate bar for every event you competed in. At the end of all the races, they had the CANDY TOSS. This was back before you couldn’t throw gum, candies and caramels towards children for fear of law suits or someone not getting as much as the next kid. This was mayhem at its finest. This was a backpack full of enough candy and sugar to get you through the rest of the month of July.

I’ll now digress and get back to my wooden cutlery fetish. Apart from all the great things I’ve just mentioned, the absolute best part of both these days was the fucking ridiculous amount of ice cream a kid could consume. Obviously, the summer months held more esteem for the little ice cream enthusiast I was back in the day, but Jesus H. Christ, the other kids and I would eat a truckload of Scotsburn ice cream in the little single serving cups at these events. I’m not exaggerating either. They actually had a big refrigerated truck at the picnic that would just hand out ice cream to kids all day long. As much ice cream as you wanted. Chocolate. Vanilla. Strawberry. Butterscotch. Orange Cream. Chocolate Ripple. And every tiny tub of ice cream came with a tiny wooden spoon with which to shovel it into your yam as fast as possible.

Ice cream head aches be damned. Those little wooden spoons and forks bring back a what is probably one of my favourite childhood memories. Kind of makes me want to go whip carmels and Wrigley’s gum at little kids today.

Delicious, delicious nostalgia.

Ah, nostalgia.


~ by Andrea on July 14, 2010.

2 Responses to “I Got Wood”

  1. Chocolate Ripple was my favorite! Then I walways chewed on the wooden spoon for like an hour after the ice cream to squish any ice creamy goodness out that the wood may have absorbed. I haven’t seen wooden utensils in forever. I’ve had to settle for chewing on popsicle sticks.

  2. I love ice cream with a wooden spoon!

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