Waiting & waiting…

I can’t wait to get back on my own computer.

I’m not some technical computer wizard (as mentioned before, I may or may not be another kind of wizard…) but there is one thing I know…

The Wiz.

I have come to hate PCs.

I’m not going to get into specs and details and important things like that. What I am going to say is that after using a Mac for the past few years, I can’t stand being without it. Why is everything on a PC complicated? Why does Windows blow donkey balls ? (Bestiality searches have been down on my page for a week or so now…hoping that’ll spruce things up) Why is Vista fucking disgusting? Why do these piece of crud computers make me vibrate with anger and yell profanities at the computer monitor?

Let me recollect my thoughts.

I really miss my Mac. It’s sitting in a box and I want to take it out and play with it even if there’s no room for it until our space is done. I want to open my Mac programs and do things easily. I want to blog on my Mac. I want to upload photos to my Mac. I just…I just..I just want to touch it. Is that so wrong?

I miss *sob* you....so....much.....

I’m tired of having to problem solve in order to find or use programs. I don’t want to wonder why the hell and when they changed Microsoft Word to something bizarre and nonsensical. I want to open my god damned resume and cover letter without getting messages telling me my files are corrupt. If I want to uninstall something, I don’t want to find it in control panel>add/remove software>random folder>stupid shit>just fucking uninstall. I want to click “delete”. IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK?

I am one needy bitch.

I am MacBitch

If you’re thinking of becoming a MacBitch too, just remember this little piece of advice. Stop thinking like a PC. Start thinking, “What is the easiest possible way for me to do _______?” And then do it. Because that’s how it works. On a Mac.

I'm not gangsta enough for Unix...


~ by Andrea on July 18, 2010.

10 Responses to “Waiting & waiting…”

  1. I have Unix and I am gansta, Bitch.

  2. So gangsta I can’t spell it correctly. And WHAT? HUH!?!?!?

  3. HaHAHAH! I’m so gangsta I don’t need no stinkin’ spell check, bitches!

  4. God I want a cat now, I just want to dress him up!!!

  5. i want a mac so bad, and from what i’m reading here, it’s easy to use. the only thing holding me back is money. maybe after i get married i’ll use some of the gift money to buy a mac. thankfully my fiance really wants a mac as well.

  6. I’ll admit that Steve Jobs has my allegiance, too. I’ve used all three extensively (even Linux, yo) but have to say that Mac is the way to go.

    TonyVote should max his credit card and go for it.

    Oh, I laughed out loud with the beastiality search idea. I think I’d cry if that were the case with my blog. And then shut it down. For good.

    • I had one post where I said donkey balls, and another where I stated I didn’t like celebs who seem to encourage 12 year old girls to act like prostitots. I will just say there are A LOT of creepy people out there searching the ‘net.

  7. I have to admit, I much prefer my Mac to hubby’s PC most days, accept mine’s so old the internal part the power cord plugs into isn’t very stable these days… I can’t wait til we can afford a new Mac for me – I like em sooo much, things are soooo much simpler on it!

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