Wow. I totally forgot about my pre-blogging blog that I kept from 2003-2006 and then sort of had in 2007. Seriously. How did I forget about this little nugget of nostalgia? Although at the time, I didn’t think in the terms “blog” or “blogging”. It was just an on-line journal. But wow. Reading through it has brought back some old memories. You can’t hear me, but I’m actually singing “Memories” from the musical Cats right now. And my cat is looking at me. She’s looking at me like she might claw my eyes and/or vocal chords out. So I will stop.

Anyway, I was peeping back into my life in 2003. Yeah. 2003. I was 22. I was living in NYC. I was a nanny. I was not yet a teacher. Holy cow. I found this entry…and it kind of made me smile:

Tuesday, August 19, 2003
7:39PM Protected

In 10 freaking days…10 days I go home.

In 9 I see B.

In 17 days I’m getting a keg, a new tattoo and I’m drinking until the tap is dry.

I invited everyone in Wolfville to my party. I’m thinking that might be too many.

But the fact that we’re going to have a slide projector, projecting 1970s porno-slides on the wall with all the first year ed. students there makes me happy. Happy like a 2 year old girl that just got a lollipop and is so fucking happy she pees her pants. Except I won’t pee my pants. On purpose.

It will be funny b/c the second years know each other. The second years will expect me to have porn coming from a slide projector. The first years will die. Except for those who are “differnt”…we’ll weed them out fast enough and bring them over to the dark side.

Now I just sound weird. But really. Some education students tend to already have “teacher” personalities…you know, those teachers you had in high school–all cut from the same mold. Wearing sweater-vests from Tabi and J. Crew. Preaching the word of whoever straight from the book. Then there are those teachers you loved. Who were weird and something was a little off about them. They smoked pot and probably still do. They’ve had threesomes. They’ve slept in ditches after consecutive nights of drinking. Those teachers are who we will be.

At least I hope so. I don’t want to be that person that all the students hate. I want to be the teacher who’s got rumors floating around her drunken escapades. Who teaches classes students like. Who makes what could be mundane and pointless learning into something viable and tangible and real.

Wow. I planned to update and say how sick I was and that I was cranky. And look what happened.

Keg stand!

On top of reading about my past self, I also love to see what music I was listening to, as I had that posted with every journal entry. Apparently I loved the Cure in 2003. I still love the Cure but I don’t listen to them nearly enough. I was also going through a heavy Morrissey/Smiths rotation as well. Some of the music I don’t even remember and I’m going to be googling that jazz shortly.


~ by Andrea on July 20, 2010.

4 Responses to “Livejournal”

  1. Did you end up getting the tattoo? What was it?

  2. Hahaha I totally had a livejournal around that same era as well! It pretty much chronicles the majority of my college years, which is ALWAYS fun to look back at for a good time!

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