Only in New Waterford?

Actually, only recently in New Waterford.

New Waterford resident fined $222 for driving souped-up drink container on sidewalk

At first glance, I thought, oh jebus. What are those crazy Capers doing now? Riding around with a cooler full of beer under their ass, is what. For those out of the Nova Scotia loop, Cape Breton is an island that’s part of Nova Scotia, but well, let’s just say they have their own personal way of doing things up there. Especially in New Waterford. However, upon further investigation, this is a pretty huge phenomenon.

Delux Edition

These bad boys have their own official website: Cruzin Coolers and they’re available at Bass Pro Shops…

Apparently Cape Breton is just a little behind in their craziness these days.

And who wants to place my order? I’d be willing to pay you in entertaining conversation, cups of tea and free Hippo Burgers!

~ by Andrea on July 23, 2010.

2 Responses to “Only in New Waterford?”

  1. ROFL that’s hilarious!!

  2. My only questin is “why?”

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