It’s Been One Week

And I haven’t posted anything. Maybe it’s summer. Maybe it’s boredom. Maybe it’s, wait, what’s the opposite of inspiration? Disinspiration? Hang on, let me Google.

Conclusion: There is no direct antonym, however, discouragement is pretty close.

I can’t even think of something random to write about it. Sad.

Give me suggestions!?!? What do you write about when you have nothing to write about!?!

How's this for random?

~ by Andrea on August 3, 2010.

11 Responses to “It’s Been One Week”

  1. If I was ever driving and saw this guy, I’d probably be so scared that I would run him over.

  2. I usually just try and find one thing that made me particularly happy that day or something that really pissed me off that day and expand on that. Often it’s the latter.

  3. Any interesting search engine terms lately? The other day I got “giant banana spider.”

  4. Here’s another idea–I’d love to hear your take on this:

  5. by the way, i think i have you to thank for getting me addicted to Bud Light Lime. Mr. Grump is starting to think I may have a drinking problem.

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