What a Great Idea!

*Introductory Note* I wrote this entry about 5 days ago and for some reason, my iTouch wouldn’t let me post. However, I am now fully internetted once again, complete with my own computer, a new keyboard, and a clean(ish) desk. *End Introductory Note*

So, last night as I was drifting off to sleepy land, I was thinking, as I usually do.

“Hey,” I thought, sitting up a little in the darkened bedroom, “that’d be a great topic to write about tomorrow!”

I started to feel around in the dark for my iPod Touch,which coincidentally is what I’m now typing this post on-please disregard fat-finger errors!! Anyway, I couldn’t find it, nor could I muster the strength and determination to lift my ass out of bed to find a writing utensil. So I sat and I thought about my idea, repeated it to myself, thought about how to start it, the funny quips I’d throw in and then I let myself drift off to la-la land.

Cut to the present. Here I sit, hunched over my Touch, finger-banging out the fact that I’ve completely forgotten my idea. To top it all off, I also just realized this is my 100th post on this little blog.

So, yippee, I guess I’m keeping in step with my Seinfeld referencing as this is truly a post about nothing. At this point, I can’t even decide if I actually had a great idea, or if it was all just a pre-sleep dream I had just before fully dozing off. What a brutal waste of what could have been a landmark post!

I do remember one actual dream I had last night. It involved a heated double-Dutch competition starring myself as well as a number of guys I went to high school with. There were spandex body suits and a lot of yelling. Please don’t look too deeply into that for some weird, hidden sexual meaning, because I can guarantee you it was far from normal or sexy.

My dream contained slightly less awesome, and much more spandex.



~ by Andrea on August 24, 2010.

7 Responses to “What a Great Idea!”

  1. That will teach you to sleep without your iTouch under your pillow!

    Congratulations on reaching a century!

  2. Congrats on your 100th post. And I feel your pain. Half of my blog consists of posts with great ideas that were mostly forgotten by the time I actually started typing them

  3. I recently had a dream that there were wild horses outside my house and the the night after that I had a dream that George Sanders was hiding on my staircase and wouldn’t leave.

    It was all highly disturbing…

  4. Indeed. I was all “I can see you, George Sanders!” šŸ˜€

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