Hold Onto Your Hats, My Little Halifax

Back in 2003, Halifax, NS bore the brunt of Hurricane Juan. It was the first time in a very long time that a hurricane had done significant damage in Nova Scotia, and a lot of people were truly unprepared for seriously intense storm that passed over the province.

I was lucky, being in Wolfville at the time. We had a shitty, rainy day, but there was virtually no damage to speak of. My sister tells another story. She was hiding under her bed in the south end of Halifax with a flash light waiting for this big, bad, blustery (go alliteration…wait I have one more) blow-hard of a storm to piss off! I remember driving up to see her a day later and being truly shocked at the damage across the city, as well as throughout some of the rural areas of the province as we drove home to our parents’ house in New Glasgow. Some folks were without electricity or phones for more than five days after the storm.

Hundreds of trees uprooted, many homes and cars damaged...

Docks, boats and shorelines f#*ked up!

Yaughts and boats tossed ashore

Hurricane Katrina it wasn’t, but for a place in the North Atlantic, some pretty significant damage, nonetheless.

Although I didn’t experience Juan firsthand, that winter I did have the displeasure of experiencing what Nova Scotians dubbed “White Juan”. It was one of the biggest snowstorms we’d seen in many, many years and I was lucky enough to be trapped at my sister’s place, without food or power, for about 2.5 days. We got over a metre of snow in less than a few hours. Her street also just happened to be one of the last streets in the city to be plowed, so we were literally trapped for days! My boyfriend at the time braved the storm at one point, since we had no food, and made what would normally be a 10 minute walk to a local pizza place. It took him over two hours in total to get there, get the food, and get back home. Later that day we spent 45 minutes getting to a friend’s house that was only three blocks away.

Can you see my car? Yeah, me neither...

Once the clean-up started you could actually walk on the sidewalks.

The next day was actually beautiful and sunny. People took over the streets.

Nuthin' like a lil ol' nor'easter ta mess up yer weekend plans.

Me circa 2004 giving White Juan a scary, alien-like finger.

Anyway, I do hope that Hurricane Earl pisses off, stops getting stronger and leaves my little home province alone. I quite enjoy the beach and trees, and I’d love to still have some around next time I’m home!

When I says piss off, I means piss off! Sorry, hurricanes bring out my East Coast accent...


~ by Andrea on September 2, 2010.

4 Responses to “Hold Onto Your Hats, My Little Halifax”

  1. Living on the coast in the Carolina’s, I more than understand the sentiment! Every hurricane, hell every tropical storm is watched intently and even more so now that we have the Twingases to protect! Here’s hoping Earl pisses off for both yours and mine.

  2. Sounds like you guys got the brunt of it, such as it was. Did you lose power?

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