Road Trip

So, I ended up taking an improptu road trip…2200 km back to Nova Scotia. The Marley-cat and I are at Chez Parents for a bit.

Here are a few nuggets of knowledge that I learned on my trip that I’d like to pass on to you:

1. Even when I’m alone in the car, all present cats excluded, I still love to yell out the names of French towns as I pass them on the highway in Quebec. Please note, you have to do this with a very bad French accent. St. Lazare! Ste. Hyacynthe! St. Louis de Ha! Ha! it’s important to note that the last town actually exists and it actually contains those exclamation points.

Told you so...

2. Marley is a highway cat, not a town cat. Apart from a twenty minute incident getting onto the 401 in Toronto, where she quickly discovered that neither the dashboard, nor under the gas peddal are the proper places for cats on roadtrips, she was a homestar runner. Most of our journey, she spent curled up on the floor in the back seat, safely away from the windows (ie: TOO MUCH VISUAL STIMULI!). However, whenever that car slowed to under 60 clicks, she was all about being in the front seat, hoping to Jesus it was her stop.


3. Buying beer in gas stations is awesome.

It actually does feel like the end of the world the next day...

4. Teen Burgers from A&W taste way better in Quebec. The fountain Diet Coke, however, tastes like bong water.


5. New Brunswick is still the bane of my existence. Even with highway improvements and new moose fences (no, really) I still swear to god that they have their own measurement system when it comes to distance. It’s like they say kilometres, but I’m pretty sure one regular kilometre is equal to four New Brunswick kilometres, so that no matter how close you think you are to a town, an exit, some sort of civilization, you sir, are sadly mistaken. It’s like the six hour drive through New Brunswick actually feels longer the cumulative distance of the entire rest of the trip. I blame Magnetic Hill-it’s not just an optical illusion. It’s also a god damned time warp.

Unless you're on your way to Quispamsis or Nauwigewauk, you are shit out of luck.


~ by Andrea on September 9, 2010.

4 Responses to “Road Trip”

  1. You have greatly added to my geographical knowledge! I actually googles St. Louis du Ha! Ha!. You’re not kidding!!

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  3. Ahhh the pleasures of travelling avec des chats. Our oldest, Sophie, adores the car. She settles right down and all is well. The kittens, however, haven’t learned the joys of travelling yet. Soon I hope. I haven’t been down east yet…I’d love to one day make the trip…I’ll be sure to keep my eyes peeled for moose when I go. Perhaps teleportation will be invented by that time, and I can just bypass pieces of New Brunswick. But, the fun is always in the journey, not just the destination.

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