Chapter 2

So, for those not in the know, I am now living back at my parents house. Without getting into details, I’ve become 17 again.

I enjoy knowing where I’m going in life, and I thought I had a pretty good idea of what was coming. This, I did not foresee. However, as my resume clearly states, I’m a flexible person who can roll with the punches. Ok, so I didn’t use that particular cliche on my resume, but it’s true nonetheless.

So now begins Chapter 2. It starts in a small, Nova Scotia town. A young woman, who is, as I prefer to call it, twenty-ten years old is picking up the pieces. Figuring out where to go. Trying to stop feeling every single emotion, every single day and get her “normal” back. She’s trying to fill the space that was taken up by someone else and refill it with herself. She also really could use a glass of red wine.

She has ideas, potential, a Wii and a cat. She has an amazing family and great friends. She does not have a job. She does not have income. She is missing pieces of her food processor and, in the future, will miss her big couch. She really wants to stop crying. She still doesn’t have that glass of red wine, so if someone could get on that…stat…she’d be thankful.

This is one of the first times in my life that I’ve truly been feeling lost. I don’t quite have a plan yet, but I have something in the works. I think it’s time to stop worrying (I do that…a lot) and start doing. Doing what? We’ll see. The only thing I’m sure about at this point is it’s going to involve red wine. The potential for cheese is also imminent, as is hanging out with my cat. I do, however, have a pretty good feeling that things are going to pick up.

Workin' on my night cheese...


~ by Andrea on October 4, 2010.

11 Responses to “Chapter 2”

  1. Working on my night cheese….

  2. The two of you have an unhealthy interest in cheeses.

  3. Shiteous maximus. I could Fedex you some red wine…

  4. I have plenty of wine and cheese and chubby babies here in Charleston! Come on down! ❤ ❤ ❤

  5. I don’t suppose there is such a thing as cheese-flavored wine? If not, you should totally get on that shit.

  6. You need a fresh fruit bouquet to go with your cheese.

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